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In collaboration with FiraTàrrega, Stockton International Riverside Festival (UK) and TIN Arts, Vero Cendoya directed and performed with Becki Parker ''Hunting for The Unicorn'', a transnational production on the subject of autism.

A research work to offer two visions of this condition from dance. Parker exploring her journey as a person with autism, wondering about the artist she is becoming. Cendoya with an approximate incursion that will offer his external vision through a solo that incorporates the voice into his choreographic work. 

The show could be seen in Spain and the United Kingdom.

Artists:Becki Parker and Vero Cendoya

Producer:TIN Arts and Fani Benages.

Production included in the programSupport to the Creation of FiraTàrrega.


Órdago a la grande is a group creation piece directed by Vero Cendoya and Arantza López that emerged out of a shared learning exercise with six actresses with and without functional diversity. The show was conceived in a totally inclusive way, including interpretation in Catalan sign language, audio description, tactile visits prior to the show, subtitling and magnetic loop.

In Spanish “echar un órdago” is a bid in which players of the “mus” card game bet their complete hand and risk everything. If it goes well, they win the game.


Six people are facing death and have to take stock of the successes and failures that have accumulated throughout their lives. Who dares take the maximum risk? Who dares “echar un órdago”?

Dramatists and direction:

Arantza López i Vero Cendoya


Ainhoa García

Èlia Farrero

Anna Morancho

Edgar Murillo

Padi Padilla

Xavier Teixidó


We Act






Art for Change de l'Obra Social "la Caixa" y Teatre Nacional de Catalunya





With the collaboration of 

Nau Ivanow y La Palomera

baixa (1).png

Support: Art for Change of the Obra Social "la Caixa" and National Theater of Catalonia



"There is no such thing as madness, only people who daydream"   

Inca princess,

“Crunch” 2012

A creation combining text, dance, humour and live music by Adele Madau wants to explore the thread, fragile and thin, that separates madness from sanity. Based on texts and poetry by the Inca Princess and with her collaboration.


A dance performance with live music created about intimacy; it is a tribute to the place that human beings choose for actions as disparate as cutting their nails or taking their own lives.

It is a journey to our most primitive selves in which, through movement, the most intimate and all that is unspeakable, shameful, uncomfortable or incorrect is laid bare.

The live music by violinist Adele Madau is inspired by situations and sounds created in a bathroom


"Antagònics": Opposites, rivals, substantial or habitual opposites, especially in doctrines and opinions.

A transformist and a dancer, with 25 years of experience on stage separating them. A duet of Vero Cendoya with Rubén Cardoso, as a representative subject of the Transformist art, one of the most influential artists of the current scene of Transformism in Barcelona.

A man of X years old, more feminine than a woman.

A woman of 35. They advise each other, share confidences and confront each other.

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