LA PARTIDoutdoor

In a continent invaded by football it is impossible to live apart from it. This time, instead of fighting against our adversary, we join it.

Barcelona Critic Award 2015


 Moritz Award FiraTàrrega 2015


Finalist for 3 Premios Max


LA PARTIDA is a show of dance and football, created by choreographer VERO CENDOYA. The company continues in her efforts to combine contemporary dance with its antagonistic, and this time it is proposing to confront the "spectacle" of football.


5 dancers and 5 players

A football field

A referee

Gathered in a peculiar game with its own rules

Direction & choreography: Vero Cendoya

Musical direction: Adele Madau


Laura Alcalá

Natalia D’Annunzio

Linn Johansson

Tina Halford

Dory Sanchez 


Coproduced by: CIA VERO CENDOYA with Fira Tàrrega, Centro Coreográfico EL GRANER, Barcelona Asociación CAROVANA SMI de Cagliari and ICEC.


Gastón La Torre

Marc Soler

Adrian Nieto

Greta Ruas

Reynaldo Zerpa


Jon López

With special collaboration of: Blanca Portillo

With texts by: Eduardo Galeano

Direction assistance: Gema Díaz

Costume: Kike Palma & Esther Muñoz

Administration: Joan Fabregat

Production: Lídia Serrat

Comumunication & press: Elisenda Riera

Management: Fani Benages

Management assistance: Biel Martínez



FANI BENAGES Arts Escèniques.

(+34) 654 925 551